Estée Lauder’s Face Serum Launch Campaign
The beauty brand created a new buzz word among target consumers via an innovative Baidu voice search campaign for its newly launched face serum.

Albeit Estée Lauder holds a strong leadership position in the face serum market in mainland China, there has been rapid growth in the product segment in recent years with increasing offerings from multiple brands seen in the market, this implies a more intense competition in the segment for the brand.

With the launch of its new anti-aging face serum in 2015, the celebrated beauty brand needed a strong marketing campaign to stand out amongst its competition in the anti-aging serum sector and hit pre-set market share and sales goals.


Keeping the new serum’s major benefit – face-lifting – in mind, the campaign made the keyword “heart-shaped face” (“xin xing lian”) the most desirable face shape among beauty-conscious women via an integrated use of a series of new and classic Baidu ad tools.

The campaign used a clever mix of Baidu search ad, Baidu voice search and Baidu input app, along with native content marketing on Baidu Tieba (Baidu’s online user community) to engage target audience groups with relevant beauty content in parallel.


・“Heart-shaped face” became a brand new buzz word on Baidu and beauty communities
・Hitting 2000 points on Baidu Search Index during the campaign period

2000 pts
on Baidu Search Index
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