iClick Interactive presents iAccess to help marketers tap digital China with Data, Efficiency and Transparency

Hong Kong, 4 July, 2017 – iClick Interactive Asia Limited (“iClick Interactive”), the omni-channel marketing technology company that connects 2,000 marketers worldwide with their audience in China via data-driven targeted marketing solutions, is launching iAccess (www.i-Click.com/iAccess/). This new platform is a one-stop cross-channel targeting solution for agencies, marketers and DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) from anywhere in the world to effectively reach Chinese audiences easily through a single interface.

iAccess is the Data-Driven Solution to Reaching Digital China with Efficiency and Transparency

China is a huge consumer market with a highly complex and fragmented digital landscape. With an Internet population of over 730 million and a smartphone penetration of around 80%, it is imperative for brands and businesses to adopt a data-driven approach to digital marketing if they want to precisely reach their target audiences in China.

Yet marketers often find it a challenge to conduct effective digital campaigns in China due to a lack of audience data and inefficient access to premium Chinese inventories. In addition, there is a low level of ad transparency and control making measurement and evaluation difficult.

Sammy Hsieh, iClick Interactive’s Co-founder and CEO said, “Making data-driven digital marketing in China easy and efficient for marketers and agencies worldwide is the reason behind our development of iAccess. We believe that we can put an end to the challenges that marketers worldwide have been facing when tapping the China market.”

Proprietary Multi-dimensional Internet User Data

iAccess helps marketers get a full picture of their target Chinese audiences and empowers trading desks with powerful data for audience buying. This is available across multiple channels via iClick Interactive’s own proprietary data, as well as its access to third-party data using the company’s partnerships with the market’s Internet giants Baidu and Tencent.

Yan Lee, iClick Interactive’s Chief Product Officer commented, “With iAccess, marketers can conduct their own audience planning with multi-dimensional targeting options and interest segmentation at their fingertips.”

Robust Connections with Premium Chinese Media and Mobile Apps

Programmatic access to premium media at scale is what most marketers and agencies look to obtain when marketing to China, yet it is not easy to achieve. Yan Lee explained how iAccess may help solve this issue, “In China, programmatic is growing at an impressive pace. Using iAccess, marketers can easily manage their digital campaigns through a single interface for first-look access to premium Chinese media inventories at scale including massive platforms like WeChat. iAccess can ensure that the marketers have the transparency and visibility they need to understand where the inventory is coming from.”

Global Compliance Standard

Ad fraud and ad viewability issues have been plaguing digital marketers worldwide. Those brands running campaigns want to have transparency on all of their ad costs and pricings.

“iAccess helps us gain an edge on other agencies by equipping us with iClick’s data technology. This is something that extends our campaign reach to new relevant audiences that we would have otherwise not discovered. Its advanced functions are presented in a way that’s user friendly and easy to understand. It has become a one-stop shop for us to conduct all of our premium China media buys,” says, Pete Lin, Managing Director, We Are Social.

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