(English) The Debut Launch of BeCon in Hong Kong Market
(English) The award-winning campaign successfully raised brand awareness of Hydron beauty contact le ...

(English) Hydron is a well-established contact lens manufacturer in Taiwan that occupies a substantial share of Taiwan eyewear market and owns a few well-known contact lens brands like Déesse and Kukka. Hydron is tapping into the Hong Kong market with their sub-brands and an e-commerce site – Be-Con.

Given that other renowned brands dominating the eyewear market with similar products in Hong Kong, Hydron had to strategically position its products to penetrate the defined target audiences via appropriate channels under such a fierce competition.

Though Hydron is well developed in the Taiwan market, yet their market insights and knowledge in consumer culture is not applicable to the Hong Kong market due to cultural difference. iClick came as a local partner of Hydron with the experience and market knowledge to guide the launch campaign to success by driving website traffic and acquiring new customers online.

At the launching stage, Hydron’s decision to solely relying on e-commerce site without building a sales network at retail outlets in Hong Kong posed another challenge as it become critical for iClick to drive quality traffic to e-commerce site- Be-Con for achieving customer acquisition.


(English) To enable Hydron to have a better understanding of eyewear industry market in Hong Kong, iClick leveraged iAudience to analyze domestic market landscape which helped Hydron to define strategic positioning in Hong Kong. iAudience identified the distinctive segments that show high demands and measured competitive brand positioning.

We integrated our proprietary data with third party data to define the unique characteristics of Hydron’s target audiences by narrowing down the target audiences for each sub-brands, and further exploring audiences with similar traits to expand the reach and grow the database. With the audience groups identified via iAudience and social media, data activation on iAccess and social media is just one click to grasp potential opportunities with ad placements and drive quality traffic to e-commerce site – Be-Con.

Since Taiwan’s consumer culture differs from Hong Kong consumers, iClick helped Hydron to conduct creative testing to identify the most effective media x creative metrics. Instead of referencing data insights and creatives derived from campaigns that ran in Taiwan, the launch phase is the best learning stage to curate practical communication approaches for each sub-brands.


(English) The campaign scooped the Best Use of Data Insight Bronze Award at MARKies Awards 2019 which recognized the team’s achievement of driving quality traffic and stellar performance as below,

(English) 79%
(English) New unique Visitors on Be-Con in 2 Months
(English) 62%
(English) Page Views on Be-Con in 2 Months
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