Citibank Online Acquisition Campaign – Loan Product
The multinational bank achieved a 40%+ boost in online acquisition completion rate via iClick Interactive’s mobile search and display campaign for its loan product.

Hong Kong’s consumer loan market is fiercely competitive with lots of similar products available. Citibank needed insights on what its target audience wants and how to reach the highly potential ones therein.

When it comes to campaign execution, potential leads tend to only stay briefly on promotion sites after they have clicked through loan product ads, converting them within a short period of time poses another challenge.


Leveraging our multidimensional data map, iClick Interactive identified Citibank’s prospects with high potential and expanded the target group using our platform’s 1st and 3rd party data pool adopting a “look-alike” strategy.

We then built brand and product presence with a mobile-led campaign comprising search, display, video and social touchpoints. Via our proprietary algorithms, our platform analyzed initial campaign data for further optimization of media buying and ad tailoring for specific audience groups to further boost target hit throughout the campaign period.

For those who had actively searched for loan products or clicked the ads but had not submit an application, we retargeted them via multiple channels, bringing them back to Citibank’s site to complete the conversion.


・Exponentially boosted brand exposure – one of the best performers in the local loan market
・30%+ YoY lift in campaign click-through rate (CTR)

The campaign scooped the Best Insight-Driven Mobile Campaign Award at Marketing Magazine’s Mob-ex Awards 2016.

YoY lift in campaign click-through rate (CTR)
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