We connect marketers worldwide to the right audience in China and beyond.

Via our proprietary marketing technology platform that reaches 98% of China Internet users.

Data-driven marketing is indispensable to marketers targeting China.

Programmatic marketing is booming in China. Our proprietary platform, which boasts cross-channel and cross-screen capabilities, transforms data into insight, action and performance.

Media buying? How about audience targeting?

Only the right audience will appreciate and respond to your marketing message. With 650+ million Internet users in China anonymously profiled on our platform, we can help you find them, at the right moment, on the right device.

We redefine the digital marketplace with data, insight and innovation.

A data-driven, result-driven approach is the future of marketing.

Fast Facts
  • 2009
  • 2017
  • 500+
  • 10
  • 98%
Our Management Team
Sammy Hsieh
Chairman and Co-Founder
Dr. Jian Tang
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Terence Li
Chief Financial Officer

“We founded iClick Interactive with a firm conviction – a data-driven, result-driven approach would be the future of digital marketing. This belief still holds true today. To entrepreneurs-to-be: always challenge the status quo. Fear not to be the first-mover, fear to be a follower.”
Sammy Hsieh, CEO & Co-founder

“What we’re doing is to cut wastage and maximize effectiveness of every ad dollar spent for marketers. This is the way to go. Being able to deliver better and better results for marketers excite us and keep us moving. ”

Ricky Ng, Co-founder

iClick Interactive (NASDAQ: ICLK) is led by an experienced management team – Sammy Hsieh, Jian Tang and Terence Li, with insights across Internet and advertising industries.

The company has fast become one of the best-capitalised marketing technology companies in its sector, starting from a zero base in 2009. Our management team is responsible for driving iClick Interactive’s growth and has a lot of passion for supporting the start-up scene.


The success of our customers’ campaigns is our priority. We strive for excellence and we are proud to have this success noticed inside and outside China.