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Marketing Analytics and Data Visualization Platform

Turn Complex Campaign Data into Interactive Dashboard
for Making Data-driven Decisions

iCampaign empowers brands to optimize marketing strategies more effectively with powerful data-driven insights, providing comprehensive campaign insights and reporting through visualized dashboards at their fingertips.

Data Visualization

Visualize your marketing campaign performance using visual representations of charts, graphs and maps to make data easier to understand at a glance, offering an efficient way to measure campaign effectiveness and uncover compelling insights through campaign dashboards.

Cross-channel Campaign Insights
  • Compare campaign performance across different channels to improve marketing strategies
  • Organize, track and manage cross-channel campaign reports with unified campaign data in a single platform
Interactive Dashboards

Create a quick filter to analyse the campaign performance interactively, delivering actionable insights and spotlighting the effective marketing channels with a filtered dashboard view.

Quick Reporting
  • Eliminate the hassles of organizing, analyzing and reporting on your campaign data through customizable dashboard templates
  • Share visualized dashboards easily by downloading the dataset or reports in PNG, PDF and CSV format

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