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Market Intelligence and Audience Identification Platform

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Uncover Your Target Audiences and Competitive Landscape in China with Our Best-in-class Market Intelligence at Your Fingertips

iAudience empowers marketers to understand their target audiences profiling, segmentation and competitive landscapes to explore new business opportunities through AI-visualized and data-driven audience insights that dramatically improve digital marketing strategy

Audience Understanding
  • Aggregate diverse sources of anonymous data with over billions of active consumers into one single platform, allowing analysis of Chinese user behavior across multiple channels and devices
  • Identify potential audiences of your market, brand, products and competitors
  • Understand profiles and online behaviour of your target audience
Market Analysis Module
  • Provide macro analysis of your target audiences with 53 pre-defined market segments
  • Benefit from enriched audience profiling with key analysis metrics including demographics, psychographics, mobile app usage behavior and outbound travel destinations
Brand Analysis Module
  • Provide deeper insights into brand’s positioning and competitive landscape
  • Analysis from 3 dimensions, including “Landscape” – a high-level overview of entire competitive landscape, “My Brand” – an in-depth user portrait analysis of the brands and its products, and “Competitors” – a closer look into a brand’s individual competitors

Case Studies

Award Winning

Blueair Asia “Urban Oasis – Enjoy healthy lives at home” Campaign

The demand for personal hygiene and homecare products has grown exponentially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This created a huge market opportunity for Blueair, a Swedish company providing award-winning air purifiers to expand their business massively across APAC, covering Hong Kong, Thailand,


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