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Intelligent Advertising Management Platform

Take China Online Advertising to The Next Level by Boosting Operation Efficiency and Ad Performance through The Power of Automation, Intelligence and Data

iAdmanager is an intelligent advertising management platform, which offers automatic ad management, real-time monitoring and data analytics reports, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of ad management and optimization.

Fully Automatic Ad Management
  • Support bulk ad campaign upload and update, intelligently control the ad targeting, bidding and budget across multiple ad accounts
  • Set hourly ad budget for the next 7 days to reduce time wasted on daily adjustments
  • Apply pre-set optimization rules supporting autonomous hourly ad bidding adjustment to avoid overbidding
Powerful Real-time Monitoring
  • Get instant notifications for any unusual activities like insufficient balance, abnormal bidding, ad approval optimization adjustment and etc
  • Set tracking in every 30-minute to keep informed of the ad spending trend
  • Automate alerts via various channels, including WeChat Official Account, WeChat Mini-program, SMS, push notification on iAdmanager and email
Intelligent Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Customize data analysis and ad reporting on targeting, creatives, ad placement, schedule and more
  • Utilize machine learning on historical performance data to forecast the future ad performances with suggested strategies
  • Build data assets with comprehensive tags for more comprehensive comparisons and ads insights

Case Studies

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