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Enterprise Owned KOL Marketing Management Tool

A Professional KOL Management Platform for MCN to Recruit, Retain and Manage KOLs Intelligently

With robust MCN industry practices and experiences, the KOL management platform is developed to cater the need of MCNs in digitalization, by transforming inefficient manual communication on recruitment and management, to full digital operation via PC backend site. We also create WeChat Mini-program allowing KOLs to enrol campaigns and share quotations in just seconds. 

Easy-to-operate MCN Management Platform on PC with Data Visualization
  • KOL centralized management designed for MCN
  • Customized data visualization dashboard which enables MCN to gain business insights and extract reports at your fingertips
  • Form a unique KOL resources hub with centralized management
  • Deliver campaign opportunities promptly and tracking the status in real-time
Mini-program Exclusively for KOLs’ Communication and Campaign Enrolment
  • Scan Wechat QR code to join MCN easily
  • Enrol in brand campaign with just one click
  • Update enrolment, quotation and campaign status in real-time

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