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iClick Interactive bagged 3 awards at Topdigital China 2020

iClick Interactive bagged 3 awards at Topdigital China 2020

We are pleased to be recognized by TopDigital China 2020 for our excellence in assisting clients to achieve business goals and growth with our holistic digital marketing solutions powered by technology. With our successful and innovative marketing strategies in the collaboration with Lululemon, Nike and Zippo, we are honoured to be the winner in the following categories - “DTC Branding Campaign”, “E-commerce Content Marketing” and “KOL Marketing”.

Award-winning Campaigns
KOL Marketing – Zippo

As a leading global lighter manufacturer, Zippo partners with iClick Interactive to further expand their market share in China. iClick conducted a thorough market analysis and generated actionable insights for Zippo to rebrand its brand image. In order to project a youth and chic brand image as to approach Generation Z, iClick Interactive proposed and managed 20 KOLs for massive promotion on Xiaohungshu during 520 Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day), and resulted sales rose 7.8 times. Brand awareness and social mentioning further boost up, with Zippo related user-generated content on Xiaohungshu increased by 5 times.

E-commerce Content Marketing –  Lululemon
Lululemon as a well-known sportswear in China, collaborated with iClick Interactive for their e-commerce campaign. An in-depth brand and market analysis were conducted to identify the most engaging target audience groups to obtain the highest cost efficiency. Through detailed audience targeting of Tencent Social Ads and creative AB testing, iClick Interactive optimized the campaign performance by achieving ROI of 1: 1.28 (market average: 1: 0.71). The campaign performance provided useful insights to Lululemon and iClick on platform selection and performances for planning the upcoming marketing campaign.

DTC Branding Campaign – Nike

After our award success at The Golden Mouse 2020, the launch campaign of Nike Joyride is also recognized by Topdigital China 2020 for the innovative marketing strategy of interactive Tencent AR game and leveraging our multi-channel network to enhance their marketing approach with KOL engagement.

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