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[MarketingPulse X eTailingPulse] iClick’s Exclusive Workshop Sees Full House and Empowers Marketers to Target Chinese Travelers in a New Exciting Way!

[MarketingPulse X eTailingPulse] iClick’s Exclusive Workshop Sees Full House and Empowers Marketers to Target Chinese Travelers in a New Exciting Way!

We were thrilled to host an Exclusive Workshop on #Metaverse Marketing at the long-awaited in-person #MarketingPulse X #eTailingPulse, with over 350 marketers from diverse backgrounds joining us to explore the potential of Metaverse and learn about the best approach to target and entice Chinese travelers and millennials.

Key Takeaways from our prestigious speaker during the fireside chat:

Erich Wong, Head of Growth (Hong Kong) at The Sandbox, emphasized the need to act quickly and launch on the Metaverse. He highlighted Metaverse offers brands a unique platform to engage with customers in a new immersive way. The travel industry can leverage Metaverse to reach more travelers, regardless of time and distance, by providing real-world view experiences and creating interactive experiences exclusive to the Metaverse.

Philip Chau, Vice President, Group Head of Marketing at Regal Hotels International encouraged brands to develop their own strategies, direction, and content that resonates with their brands. He also highlighted the importance of building and enlarging communities to reach the target audience and sustain growth. Metaverse Marketing can drive O2O online and offline experiences, create buzz and call to action.

Yoyo Ng, General Manager of iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited, explained how web2 and web3 work together to help brands start their journey in web3. iClick uses a combination of user data from web2 and personalized user experience from web3 to help brands drive business growth. The data analysis provided by iAudience and iCampaign allows us to generate emotional connections, share stories, and build trust through community development. Through the use of iFans, brands can identify KOLs in your community and raise awareness through storytelling.

We hope these insights have given you a glimpse into the potential of Metaverse Marketing and how it can benefit your brand to drive branding and lead generations. Contact us to learn more about our Web2 to Web3 marketing solutions and how we can help your brand capture the unprecedented opportunity of Chinese travelers after the border reopens:

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