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WeChat CRM and Marketing Automation Solution

WeChat CRM and Marketing Automation Delivered by Private Domain Traffic Expert

iParllay aims to identify sales opportunities among followers, organize sales leads and nurture customers for global enterprises, leveraging the customer management and marketing automation capabilities. Launched in 2014, iParllay has served 100+ global enterprises with its “Marketing Automation + Business Growth” to boost conversion from followers to customers.

Powerful Lead Generation

Integrate online-to-offline customer touch points, covering advertising, website, livestreaming, meeting, WeChat articles, social referral campaigns to draw high quality leads and build strong customer database.

  • H5 Form: Simplify customer acquisition by collecting, storing and exporting customer information seamlessly
  • Referral: Boost the growth of private domain traffic with cost-effective social referral campaigns
  • Smart QR Code: Use custom QR codes to identify traffic source for tailored follow-up
  • Livestreaming: Integrate with major livestreaming platforms to offer seamless customer acquisition performances
Effective Lead Management

Unify sales leads from multiple channels, track customers lifecycle and nurture sales leads with marketing automation through well-organized enterprise customer database.

  • Integration Capability: Support integrating with international and China third-party CRM platform leveraging the ready-to-use API
  • Customer Data Platform: Automatically synchronize the sales leads to the customer data platform across multiple channels with 360 degree customer profile on the customer properties and online behavior
  • Marketing Campaign Analysis: Track O2O marketing activities in real-time to improve operation efficiency and optimize conversions
  • Lead Nurturing: Customize customer lifecycle to increase conversion, from identifying potential customers, activating new customers to retaining loyal customers
  • Workflow Automation: Automate multiple manual tasks on private domain traffic within WeChat ecosystem to nurture and accurately activate targeted customers with different demographic, geographical locations, interests, and life cycles
  • WeCom SOP: Build 4 key SOPs – new customers nurturing, customer lifestyle optimization, return customer activation and social group management to discover customer insights and drive conversions
Professional Services For Marketing Success

Offer professional marketing services for business growth such as private domain traffic operation, KOL and social group marketing, social marketing campaigns, SEO, SEM and more.

  • SEO: Drive website traffic with thoughtful SEO strategies, develop strong corporate branding and convert visitors into customers effectively
  • SEM: Easily achieve your business objectives with tailored campaign recommendations in a cost-effective way
  • Premium Media Inventory: Provide one-stop advertising solution to accurately reach the targeted users through over 100 thousand premium media inventories and social media

Case Studies


Expand personalized content marketing for Remy Martin with WeChat CRM solution

Founded in 1724, Remy Martin is globally recognized as Fine Champagne Cognac expert. After three centuries of discovering Remy Martin Fine Champagne, Coganc has built its unique feature. Remy Martin has a huge customer base in China with its exuberance product. It has fully satisfied different needs


Drive conversion rate for 51Credit with WeChat CRM solution

51Credit was founded in November 2005 as the first internet personal finance service force in China. After 11 years of development, 51Credit has become a leading player in the third-party financial credit area.


Harnessing the Power of WeChat influencers to help expand Michelin’s userbase within China

Michelin Group is the global initiator of tyre tech and was founded over more than a hundred years ago in Clermont-Ferrand, France. By the end of 2011, Michelin had over 6,700 employees and more than 10,000 offline stores in China.


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