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iAudience Insights Spotlight – Issue #11: Explore The Modern Trend of Sportswear Brands in China

iAudience Insights Spotlight – Issue #11: Explore The Modern Trend of Sportswear Brands in China

In face of rising emphasis on healthy lifestyle and sports participation among the Chinese public, the demand for sportswear in China market grew drastically. In 2019, the growth rate of local sports footwear market reached 17% and the China sportswear market is expected to reached a CAGR of 11% in the coming five years.

Check out our eleventh issue of “iAudience Insights Spotlight – China’s Sportswear Market in the Spotlight”, leveraging iAudience’s latest Chinese netizens data so as to understand the profile of audiences interested in sportswear, covering their demographics and psychographics dimensions.

Read our “iAudience Insights Spotlight” now to explore the key insight for worldwide marketers to capitalize on the rapidly expanding and developing sportswear market in China.

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iAudience Insights Spotlight – Issue #16: Explore the Trends and Opportunities in Chinese Jewelry Market

January 3, 2022

The jewelry market is one of the fastest-growing markets in China and the consumption of gold and diamond jewelry in 2021Q1 has already surpassed the pre-pandemic levels, indicating Chinese consumers’ appetite for luxury accessories has returned. The surge in e-commerce in China also drives jewelry houses to develop multi-channel retailing strategies and integrate online and offline features to stay competitive in delivering omnichannel experience for their customers.


iAudience Insights Spotlight – Issue #15: Discover the Latest Trends in Chinese Baby Stroller Market

November 30, 2021

As the global baby care market continues to grow, Chinese parents are as well willing to spend more on baby products. International brands are facing intensified competition with the aggressive expansion of domestic baby product brands in China, especially in the baby safety seat and stroller segment. China’s domestic baby stroller brands are gaining trust with their high-quality products, extensive parenting knowledge delivering to parents and marketing promotions via top live streaming e-commerce platforms.


iAudience Insights Spotlight – Issue #14: Unlock the Emerging “Guochao” Trend in China

October 29, 2021

With increasing earning and spending power of women, China’s cosmetic sector has been surging rapidly in recent years. The emerging trend of “Guochao (国潮, national tide)” among China’s younger generation has steadily driven demand for Chinese domestic cosmetic brands that incorporate Chinese traditional culture and style.


iAudience Insights Spotlight – Issue #13: Unlock the Trend of Quality of Life In China

September 28, 2021

With the rapid development of 5G infrastructure and Internet of Things (IOT), China’s smart home industry is seeing exponential growth at an annual rate of 18.54%, illustrating a surge in demand for using new technology in living spaces to improve quality of life. Many Chinese electronics and home appliance manufacturers develop smart home systems to spark smarter living. Notable companies include Haier, Xiaomi, and Midea.


iAudience Insights Spotlight – Issue #12: Explore the Modern Trend of Traveling in China

August 31, 2021

iAudience Insights Spotlight – Issue #12: Explore the Modern Trend of Traveling in China The travel market in China is beginning to show signs of recovery reflecting people’s restored enthusiasm for domestic travel. According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, China saw a total of 230 million domestic tourist trips during the five-day Labour Day holiday in 2021, marking a year-on-year rise of 119.7 percent which illustrated a robust recovery in China’s tourism market.


iClick has been crowned as one of the top Martech players in 2021 China’s iResearch MarTech Market Report

July 7, 2021

We are excited to announce that iClick has been selected as one of the top Martech players in the latest "2021 China’s MarTech Market Report” developed by iResearch, a leading professional market research and consulting company focuses on online audience measurement and consumer insights in China.In this special edition, it covers the latest Martech showcases in China and how quickly iClick is transforming over the past years in the form of providing innovation in its core products as to offer marketers a new perspective on how to leverage future marketing technologies in meeting their business objectives. Integrating data from multiple sources into one centralized marketing database isn’t a new concept but the use of AI and automating this integration process is a key win that iClick brings to the market along with omnichannel capability.We are well recognized with our proprietary enterprise and marketing cloud platform covering 98% of Chinese internet users, empowering enterprises with full stack marketing and enterprise solutions to build new engines for digital growth, improving both business performance and efficiency.


iAudience Insights Spotlight – Issue #10: Discover the Latest Smartphone Trends in China

June 30, 2021

iAudience Insights Spotlight – Issue #10: Discover the Latest Smartphone Trends in ChinaChina is the world's largest smartphone market with smartphone shipments during Q1 2021 doubled year-on-year, leading the global smartphone market both in terms of manufacturing and smartphone brands. The fierce competition in the smartphone market drives smartphone manufacturers focus on research and development for new models with better imaging, display, internet connectivity, battery charging and storage capacity.


Unlock the World’s Largest E-Commerce Market with WeChat Mini-Program

June 22, 2021

With rising purchasing power of consumer, the Chinese e-commerce market has become an attractive market to worldwide retailers. WeChat mini-program is fueling a new generation of cross-border e-commerce growth in China, demonstrating its uniqueness from other e-commerce platforms as it offers not only convenience, but also private domain traffic management capabilities, enabling global brands to build customer data assets. Gollala, a Korean women’s fashion store, has successfully expanded its presence in the China market via WeChat mini-program by leveraging iClick’s powerful SaaS-based Cross-Border Smart Retail Solution. In this article, you will discover the crucial role of WeChat mini-program in helping global brands establish their cross-border e-commerce business in China. Click here to read the full article:


Breaking into the Chinese E-commerce Market via WeChat Mini-Program

June 16, 2021

The Chinese e-commerce market has become a prevalent player for many global retailers. From this emerging market trend despite the pandemic, cross border e-commerce solutions, mostly dominated by WeChat Mini-Programs have opened up the opportunity for many global brick-and-mortar retailers to successfully connect with Chinese consumers, bringing much recovery to their businesses.