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iSuite Insights Spotlight – Issue #10 Discover The Latest E-commerce Trends And Opportunities

iSuite Insights Spotlight - Issue #10 Discover The Latest E-commerce Trends And Opportunities

The 618 Shopping Festival, originating from the Chinese e-commerce giant Taobao, has evolved into a massive shopping extravaganza in the Chinese e-commerce market. Today, it includes many other prominent platforms like Alibaba's Tmall, Douyin, and Xiaohongshu, magnifying its reach and impact. According to Iqingyan's statistics, Douyin’s 618 pre-sales of beauty products have reached 3 billion to 3.5 billion yuan, an increase of 60% YoY. The Douyin channel is an important source of growth in the industry and may become the focus for brands.

Based on iAudience and iFans data, we have traced and profiled Chinese netizens who actively followed 618 Shopping Festival-related topics, highlighting their audience profiles and online preferences to understand the targeted Chinese consumers.


Source: iAudience Data as of June 2023


Source: iAudience Data as of June 2023

  • Five days prior to the 618 shopping festival, the number of audience reached its highest level and remained high.


Source: iAudience Data as of June 2023

  • Audience-interested categories are Clothing & Accessories, Hobby & Entertainment, and Cars.


E-commerce Platforms: Douyin1, Baidu2, Xiaohongshu3
Livestreaming: Livestreaming Ecommerce1, Messi2, Yangge3
Promotions: Pre-sales1, Limited Time Offer2, Limited Offer3

Source: iFans Public Opinion Analytics Data as of June 2023

  • KOL-hosted Livestreaming is one of the highlighted promotions during the 618 Shopping Festival.


Source: iFans Public Opinion Analytics Data as of June 2023

  • Hot searches on Weibo are mainly related to the 618 Shopping Festival.


Source: iFans Public Opinion Analytics Data as of June 2023

  • Livestreaming and Short Video Platforms are increasingly significant in the Chinese 618 Shopping Festival.


Source: iFans Public Opinion Analytics Data as of June 2023

  • In a fiercely Competitive Market, attracting and maintaining traffic is more challenging for brands.

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