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Data-Driven Marketing is Indispensable to Marketers Targeting the Right Audience

Data-Driven Marketing is Indispensable to Marketers Targeting the Right Audience

Our proprietary platform focus on using in-depth consumer profiles, which boast cross-channel and cross-screen capabilities, transforming real-world data into actionable insights and performance strategies.

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An Industry Leading Pioneer and Award Winning MarTech Player

We use data and AI-driven technology to help brands target and acquire the right customers efficiently and effectively.

Proprietary Chinese Consumer Dataset
Proprietary Consumer Dataset
  • Reach over 1,300M+ anonymously-profiled users
  • Gather real-time audience insights leveraging multi-dimensional data map
Marketing Solutions
Access to Premium Media
  • Covers millions of mobile apps, PC websites and premium online television (OTV) platforms
  • Integrated with leading premium advertisement exchanges & media channels
Cutting-edge AI Technologies
Cutting-edge Technologies
  • Over ten-year experience of machine-learning & AI-driven data analytics
  • Predictive analytics & real-time matching technologies

Engage Strategically with Audience from Top-Tier Media Channels

Customized advertisement to reach relevant target audiences across various top-tier media channels.

Tencent Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

Reach and connect with your target audience across premium mobile apps network

Video Streaming Platforms including Iqiyi, Youtube, Tencent Video, Youku
Video Streaming Platforms

Boost campaign performance via our preferred deals with leading video publishers

Google and Baidu display ads

Banner and video ads available in multiple formats on selected premium publishers

Search Engines including Google, Baidu
Search Engines

Cover the most prime spots on global leading search engine - Google and largest Chinese search engine - Baidu

Social Media Platforms including Wechat, Xiaohongshu, Tiktok, Douyin, Weibo, Bilibili, Zhihu
Social Media Platforms

Incredible reach connecting with many key Chinese social media app publishers in China

Multi-Channel Network (MCN) including WeChat, Zhihu, Xiaohongshu, Weibo, Bilibili, Tiktok, Douyin
Multi-Channel Network (MCN)

Consist of thousands mid- and top-tier key opinion leaders (KOLs) which covers a wide range of luxury and consumer products including fashion, skincare, beauty, travel, food and lifestyle

Case Studies

Award Winning

Great Eagle Group – Ontolo’s “Wisdom of Living” Membership Campaign

The Great Eagle (”GE”) has debuted their ”Wisdom of Living (‘WOL’)” Membership programme beginning of September 2020.

Award Winning

Get the most out of mobile solutions – NIKE.COM

Adopting a full suite of iClick Interactive’s mobile advertising solution, Nike achieved a 400%+ increase in sales and a significant boost in online traffic for its new online store, with 65%+ traffic coming from mobile.

Award Winning

Citibank Online Acquisition Campaign – Loan Product

Citibank significantly increased its brand awareness via iClick Interactive’s mobile search and display campaign, with a significant boost in online acquisition completion rate by over 40%.

Award Winning

Huawei MateBook Launch Campaign

The award-winning campaign effectively promoted product awareness of and interest in Huawei MateBook via precise multidimensional mobile targeting solution, making the notebook the bestseller in its category after the campaign.

Award Winning

Big Data Empowers Precision Marketing – PUMA

Puma significantly increased its brand followers by 126% via iClick Interactive’s proprietary data platform that precisely identified its core target audience groups.

Award Winning

Air New Zealand x Tourism New Zealand Online Promotion Campaign

Air New Zealand (ANZ) more than doubled its advertising ROI and online flight bookings after running a cross-channel online promotion campaign with iClick Interactive together with Tourism New Zealand (TNZ).

Award Winning

K11 Musea – “Share Joy” Campaign

To celebrate K11 Musea’s first anniversary, the luxury shopping centre in Hong Kong pushed out the  “Share Joy” campaign for driving brand awareness with a series of art and culture events, in particular one of their most ambitious works, Van Gogh’s Ear.


Cartier’s MoTV Campaign for The Cartier Drive

Cartier reached an average CTR of 1.58% for its new men’s watch launch campaign via iClick Interactive’s MoTV solution, with 30% of the target audience reached finished watching the ad.


Audi A6L MoTV Campaign

Audi achieved an exceptionally high CTR of 4.44% for its new model A6L’s ad campaign via the adoption of iClick Interactive’s MoTV solution, achieving an ad conversion rate of 2.3 times the average of standard mobile ad.


A Game Changer for Your Business with Our Proprietary Platforms


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