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Enterprise WeChat SCRM Data Management Platform

Open up The Value and Growth of Private Traffic in WeChat Ecosystem

iSCRM offers data management solutions for enterprises that provides the advantages of WeChat private traffic management to make acquisition, activation, conversion, retention in customer life cycle simpler and smarter, with the power of digitalized operation and refined management.

Connect to Multi-Channel Data within Tencent Ecosystem

Fully tracking consumer actions from all touchpoints within the Tencent ecosystem, enabling enterprises to add customers into WeCom in a more efficient way and build their own Private Traffic Pool.

Platform – Social Commerce Platform
Build and Activate Social Communities

Interact with the most valuable customers through sophisticated segmentation and customer data analytics, turning the social communities into the most powerful marketing asset.

Platform – Social Commerce Platform
Refine Customer Management Efficiency

Digitalize CRM and sales management in order to improve internal management efficiency and boost sales revenues.

Platform – Social Commerce Platform
Harness Big Data Analytics

Provide thorough analysis on audiences, sales performance, funnel and ROI, and develop data-driven personalized engagement strategies through identification of active and high-value customers to enhance customers’ stickiness and loyalty.

Platform – Social Commerce Platform
Enhance Risk Management

Ensure seamless consumer transfer to retain the valuable consumers and to lower the churn rate when sales representatives leave their companies.

Platform – Social Commerce Platform

Case Studies


Shell – Reshape Business to Achieve Digital Transformation on WeChat Ecosystem

Shell is well-known energy and petrochemical company offering fuel and lubricant products with more than 200+ distributors and 5000+ stores in China market.


Xiangpiaopiao Food – Hidden Power of SCRM with Private Traffic Management on WeChat Ecosystem

Xiangpiaopiao Food is China’s leading cup milk tea brand and markets its products throughout China. Xiangpiaopiao is one of the renowned companies who benefited from iClick’s SCRM solution harnessing the power of private traffic management on WeChat Ecosystem.


Robust Growth of QiaQia Food's WeChat Mini-Program

QiaQia Food, one of the largest producers of roasted seeds and nuts in China, is one of the first companies to benefit from iClick’s Integrated Enterprise and Marketing Cloud platform that provides full-stack marketing and consumer lifecycle solutions.