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4 Vertical Scenarios – A Look Into How AIGC Helps Enterprises Transform Digitally and Intelligently

4 Vertical Scenarios - A Look Into How AIGC Helps Enterprises Transform Digitally and Intelligently

From the launch of GPT-4 to the official release of Baidu's "ERNIE Bot" (文心一言) and OpenAI’s plugins, all within a few short months, AIGC (AI Generated Content) is continuing to disrupt all walks of life at breakneck speed.

AlphaGo's victory over Go world champion Lee Sedol (이세돌 | 李世石) and OpenAI's pioneering AIGC demonstrate the boundless potential of single-domain and multi-model AI technology. Everyone can create with AI. This is the first time that a large language model (LLM) has exhibited such strong versatility and creativity.

01With the "emergence" of artificial wisdom, the platform layer is solidifying, and the application layer is ripe for creativity

Along with its rapid growth in scale, AI has transformed from simply understanding content to automatically generating content. There are signs of the "emergence" of artificial wisdom. Anyone can be a developer. The universal development of artificial intelligence means the platform layer is solidifying. Implementation of AI technology at the application layer will give rise to killer applications and phenomenal products, offering unprecedented opportunities. The real era of digital intelligence has begun.

Despite being all the rage, large models may not be the best choice for many domestic companies to go all in. Neither computing power nor algorithms can keep up with OpenAI, which has been evolving rapidly in the short term. Rich data and broad application scenarios arising from the last decade have presented Chinese companies with jackpot solutions. Instead of investing large sums of money into building a Chinese version of OpenAI, it may be more advantageous to pursue breakthroughs in applications and scenarios. “There are huge opportunities to develop applications based on large language models,” said Baidu CEO, Robin Li (李彦宏). “There is no need to reinvent the wheel.”

Baidu’s ERNIE Bot is the first generative dialogue product in China. Building on Baidu's vast experience in digital, leading AI full-stack technology, and the natural advantage of being rooted in China's local application scenarios, there is a huge room for innovation in the implementation of the application layer. Similarly, other Chinese companies are using more precise industry models to polish cutting-edge algorithms. In the coming digital age, AI can be applied to any subdivision scenario to achieve the same potential as Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent (BAT).

One of the first batch of enterprise partners with priority access to ERNIE Bot, iClick Interactive (NASDAQ: ICLK), China's leading enterprise digital operation and marketing cloud platform, has rich practical experience in artificial intelligence technology and implementation. As the wave of AIGC sweeps across the world, iClick is accelerating its foray into the market. Based on a large number of business scenarios and user parameter reserves, and continuous iteration of existing models, it is training accurate vertical, industry-specific models to meet the needs of a range of customers, creating AI+ products based on multiple business scenarios, and helping more enterprises to realize their intelligent digital transformation goals.


02From concept to application, enterprises are fast-tracking their intelligent digital transformation with AIGC

Under the unprecedented wave of digitalization + intelligence, domestic enterprises have accelerated the introduction of digital tools in order to solve growth problems. The digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises has become a definitive trend. The marketing field is an intrinsic part and effective means of intelligent digital transformation, offering many opportunities for higher degrees of digitization and more application scenarios to help enterprises launch new intelligent growth models.

Marketing automation systems are able to integrate user data from more sources. More accurate data models can help to support different marketing scenarios and push out more accurate marketing content. It will also play a greater role in intelligent decision-making and the reshape enterprise productivity. With the tide of AIGC coming, iParllay is also actively exploring new opportunities to empower enterprises in intelligent digital transformation with AIGC. iParllay (信来) is a subsidiary of iClick Interactive and a growth expert in marketing automation operations. With the support of iClick's big data and artificial intelligence technology base, iParllay continues to explore the mutual empowerment of models and scenarios, uses massive high-quality industry data to drive the large model "flywheel", and starting from four vertical scenarios, drives the long-term growth of enterprises through intelligent digital transformation.


Scenario 1: Data analysis and intelligent decision-making

Data analysis and intelligent decision-making is integral to intelligent digital transformation. AIGC can quickly and efficiently analyze large amounts of data to help companies quickly respond to changes in market trends. It can also efficiently extract useful information from unstructured data to deploy more accurate and more intelligent marketing strategies, and can be trained to provide personalized suggestions or insights based on customer data. iParllay integrates AIGC to continuously train accurate industry models. With smarter models, higher-quality data, and more precise analysis, iParllay can derive more valuable data insights, refine and customise push contents for precision marketing, and use analytics to power smarter business decisions.


Scenario 2: Content creation and knowledge management

In addition to data insights, iParllay can apply AIGC to its marketing automation system to generate various copywriting and creative content. This greatly improves the efficiency of content production and creation, and can help ToB marketers save time, energy, and costs. The content produced by AIGC, because it is supported by huge data, is often richer in knowledge, as well as more fascinating and relevant to the target audience. AI can be trained to learn the preferences of different customers to generate highly personalized content that resonates with the target audience.

With regard to content creation, iParllay also builds content management systems into marketing automation tools to help enterprises build content centers, provide platform-level automated content creation, digital asset storage, management functions, and enhance the marketing automation capabilities of enterprises on a global scale.


Scenario 3: Lead generation and nurturing

The purpose of intelligent digital transformation of the enterprise is to improve efficiency and productivity for lead generation and nurturing. iParllay uses AIGC to help enterprises interact with potential customers in real-time through various channels and tap potential customers in a targeted manner. It also supports customers across areas of global marketing automation, helping to accurately identify, screen and automatically transfer leads, as well as speed up lead nurturing to drive conversions. The power of AIGC allows iParllay to easily obtain key metrics, such as number of leads, conversion rate, lead cost, lead engagement, and more. These insights help enterprises optimize the way they generate leads and maximize long-term growth.


Scenario 4: Virtual assistant and sales enablement

With access to huge reserves of product and industry data, iParllay has integrated an AIGC chatbot into its marketing automation system. Its functions include quickly answering customer questions, providing product information, and automating simple query tasks. The chatbot can also improve the customer experience by serving personalized recommendations based on customer data. This strengthens the relationship between the customer and the brand. 24/7 online virtual customer service, dialogue automation, and technical scalability can help brands achieve "unattended” operations. Enterprises are empowered to serve more visitors and process larger amounts of potential customer data efficiently and within a short period of time, significantly improving the customer experience.

Finally, AIGC can help companies simplify the sales process, enable sales team to focus on high-priority leads and opportunities, and efficiently drive business growth. With proper "training", AI can even become excellent sales assistants, providing sales teams with product information, competitor analysis. It can also recommend the best speech and feedback templates for salespeople to drive more productive conversations with potential customers and shorten the sales conversion cycle.

Fully embracing AIGC, iParllay is also exploring other ways to innovative with intelligence. As the full potential of artificial intelligence is slowly revealed, marketing automation systems will develop from operational intelligence to perceptual intelligence and then to cognitive intelligence. This evolving landscape will help companies maximize efficiency and accuracy with regard to decision-making, and move forward from digital transformation to intelligent digital transformation. The era of AI marketing has arrived!



AIGC is enabling enterprises to achieve rapid business growth at astonishing speeds. In addition to the above scenarios, there is huge potential for imagination and creativity. AIGC can be applied to traffic models, transform content experience into service experience, and release of the potential of AIGC+MCN. iClick Interactive is committed to embracing change, and is spurring the industry, keeping our eyes on the stars and our feet on the ground. According to Lee Kaifu (李开复), "The advent of the new AI 2.0 era will create platform-level opportunities ten times larger than that of the mobile internet." In addition to actively embracing new technologies, we must constantly enhance our own technical strengths and application scenario capabilities. In this way we can keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and remain at the forefront as it shifts from digital to intelligent.

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