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The Tazz_UGG Case Study

Case Study - UGG: Leveraging oCPX to Increase Followers on Private Domain

In 2023, the UGG brand is poised to enhance its private traffic following on both WeChat and Douyin platforms. Leveraging UGG's ongoing campaigns and a comprehensive understanding of the target audience, the application of optimizing cost per X (oCPX) will be employed to precisely target and attract new followers effectively, thereby significantly expanding UGG's private traffic reservoir.

What is oCPX?

CPX stands for Cost Per X, with "X" referring to various traditional settlement models, such as CPC (Cost Per Click, payment based on clicks), CPM (Cost Per Mille, payment based on a thousand impressions), CPA (Cost Per Action, payment based on conversion outcomes - such as form submissions, app downloads, new registrations, coupon claims, or even orders), and so on.

With optimization, it forms oCPX, denoting a fusion of diverse CPX models optimized for conversion actions. Building upon traditional settlement structures, oCPX incorporates the data and algorithm capabilities of advertising platforms, enabling further refinement of conversion objectives.

UGG Case Study - The CA78 Tasman
The CA78 Tasman

Case Study Background

During the period spanning from May 2022 to the present day, our strategic implementation has been focused on achieving specific key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs encompass not only the meticulous control of costs associated with increasing follower count, but also the enhancement of follower acquisition efficiency, amplification of profile traffic rates, and the substantial improvement of follower retention rates. Our measured and targeted efforts within this timeframe reflect our commitment to achieving tangible and impactful results.

Media Strategy

Our approach entails a multi-faceted delivery strategy accompanied by real-time monitoring, aimed at identifying sustainable zones with consistent follower growth for extended, enduring campaign delivery.

WeChat - encompassing official account management and mini-program launches, with meticulous observation of view counts and active engagement within the comment section.

Douyin - through strategic information streaming and KOL-driven content marketing.

UGG Case Study - Media Strategy oCPX

Utilizing WeChat's Ecosystem and Public Account to Deploy a Strategic Promotion Pathway

UGG Case Study - Strategic Promotion Pathway

Audience Targeting Strategy

FoamO Slides
UGG FoamO Slides

Foundational Targeting

The brand not only focuses on maintaining the brand experience for its consumer base but also pays attention to the growth and accumulation of potential customer segments. It is willing to engage in long-term interactions with diverse users, collaborating to shape fashion concepts and fostering an environment that respects and encourages personalized expression.

In foundational targeting, our objective is to gain a deep understanding of the target audience based on UGG's primary seasonal product attributes. Throughout the period from June to July 2023, UGG will prominently feature their latest Unisex thick-soled foam "FoamO Slides".

Interest-Based Audience Targeting

Strategically harnessing the power of existing followers, our approach aims to both broaden the audience base and amplify consumer numbers. This is achieved through a meticulous examination of shared common interests among the current followers, effectively facilitating audience expansion and consumer growth.

UGG Case Study - Interest-Based Audience Targeting

UGG_The FoamO UGplush Slide_Operation and Creative Strategy
The FoamO UGGplush Slide

Operation and Creative Strategy

Our strategy revolves around optimizing click-through rates (CTR) by dynamically updating materials in real time. This meticulous approach ensures a synchronized and gradual growth in followers, proportionally aligned with the increase in account costs.

Utilizing a fusion of UGG's flagship products and celebrity endorsements within the ongoing season, we are poised to craft diverse and harmonious materials that resonate with the brand essence. Concurrently, a strategic advertisement setup will be implemented, aligning with actual Cost Per Follower (CPF) metrics for precise targeting. This concerted effort aims to ensure optimal Click-Through Rate (CTR) performance, enhancing overall campaign efficacy.

Key Takeaways in UGG's Follower Acquisition Campaign

Highlight 1: Precise Audience Targeting, oCPX Efficiency, and Controlled Follower Costs

Highlight 2: Multi-Point Management for Efficient Follower Growth

Highlight 3: Consistent Refresh of Brand Materials for Stable Growth in Followers

Highlight 4: Amplifying Celebrity Brand Endorsements for Enhanced Follower Engagement

UGG's Remarkable WeChat and Douyin Campaign Results

Throughout this collaborative marketing and promotional campaign, UGG has effectively showcased its brand values, resonating with a substantial number of users who have developed a positive sentiment and heightened interest in both the brand and its products. This resonance has paved the way for potential future sales conversions.

This partnership has facilitated UGG's rapid expansion of its audience circle while ensuring precise targeting of specific demographics. According to statistics, UGG's official account witnessed a follower growth that doubled the anticipated acquisition count, with an overall Cost Per Follower (CPF) significantly below the industry-standard threshold of 80%+. This underscores the campaign's noteworthy cost-effectiveness advantage. Moreover, the majority of the new followers align with the brand's intended marketing profile, representing a high-potential and strong consumer base.

The campaign's performance on the TikTok platform also stands out: the average CPF remains notably below the industry norm, with a reduction in cost exceeding 50%. Notably, over 70% of the newly acquired followers are classified as high-value, active enthusiasts.

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