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iClick Group Announces Access to Baidu’s “ERNIE Bot” to Accelerate the Implementation of AIGC Technology in Digital Marketing Scenarios

iClick Group Announces Access to Baidu's “ERNIE Bot” to Accelerate the Implementation of AIGC Technology in Digital Marketing Scenarios

iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited (NASDAQ: ICLK) recently announced that it is among the first batch of enterprise partners with priority access to Baidu's "ERNIE Bot" (文心一言), full name Enhanced Representation through Knowledge Integration. Soon, iClick will be able to explore the full capabilities of the ERNIE Bot through Baidu AI Cloud.

Next, iClick will apply Baidu's success in intelligent dialogue technology to various scenarios of enterprise digital operations and online marketing. iClick is fortunate to have special access to this revolutionary AI technology. This is an important milestone, as it will be the first time that conversational AI has been applied to the digital operations and online marketing of domestic enterprises.

ERNIE Bot is a large language model (LLM) based on Baidu AI Cloud technology. Baidu has been deeply involved in the field of artificial intelligence for over a decade. Its new-generation, knowledge-enhanced LLM, ERNIE, has multi-modal, cross-lingual, deep natural-language understanding, and the ability to generate content. There is plenty of room for creativity in the fields of semantic search and question answering, content creation, smart office solutions, and more. Over the course of time, ERNIE Bot will launch external services and application products through Baidu AI Cloud, delivering the true value of AI to the industry.

As an enterprise service technology company, iClick helps enterprises break growth barriers through digital thinking, adheres to the execution path of "SaaS+X (product + service)", and builds a competency model of "system support + content strategy + operation service". These methods fulfill the digital needs of corporate clients for "marketing" and "sales".

iParllay will have priority to conduct internal testing with ERNIE Bot. The integration of ERNIE Bot's technical capabilities will support Baidu's product research and development, standards formulation, and other fields; co-create solutions with Baidu's technical experts; sharpen its competitive edge with empowerment training and affiliate marketing; and create all-scenario AI solutions and services for its users. iParllay will leverage the power of ERNIE Bot to explore opportunities within various areas, including content management system (CMS), marketing analysis, data interpretation, and intelligent knowledge management.

About iParllay (爱信来)

iParllay is a subsidiary of iClick and a growth expert in marketing automation operations. It uses automation to power advertising / SEO / live streaming / private domain traffic acquisition and is committed to helping global companies achieve their growth ambitions of "more leads, better quality, faster transactions".

Since its release in 2014, iParllay has used its "automation software + growth services" model to help over 200 global companies to accelerate their "from customer acquisition to purchase" funnel, earn the trust of Fortune 500 companies and well-known marketing agencies. It is also the only officially certified WeChat integration partner of HubSpot in the world. iParllay's clients span a wide range of industries, including but not limited to industrial manufacturing, international schools, durable consumables, software and hardware, medicine and healthcare, e-commerce, automotive, finance, modern service industry, import and export trade.

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