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Tapping Into Double 11's Success And Consumer Insights

iSuite Insights Spotlight - Issue #13 Tapping Into Double 11's Success and Consumer Insights

Double 11 is one of the most significant and iconic online shopping events in China, characterized by substantial discount offers and massive consumer spending. The best price guarantee is one of the notable trends of this year’s Double 11, which aims to offer lower prices and faster delivery to boost sales among sophisticated Chinese consumers. According to the National Bureau of Statistics of China, national online retail sales increased by 11.6% to 10.8 trillion yuan in 2023 Q3. The success of Double 11 not only underscores the importance of e-commerce in China but also highlights the innovative marketing and sales strategies employed by e-commerce platforms.

Based on iAudience and iFans data, we have traced and profiled Chinese netizens who actively followed Double 11, highlighting their audience profiles and online shopping preferences, providing the latest insights for marketers.


Source: iAudience Data as of Nov 2023


Source: iAudience Data as of Nov 2023

  • Audiences are active during the Pre-sales period and Warm-up phase of Double 11.


Source: iAudience Data as of Nov 2023


E-commerce: Tmall1, Douyin2, Taobao3, JD.com4, Official Flagship Store5

Promotion: Surprise Night1, Live-streaming2, Pre-sale3, Benefit4, Red Pocket5

Buying Factor: Guo Feng1, Stockpile2

Beauty Products: Body Lotion1, Face Mask2, Serum3, Face Powder4

Source: iFans Public Opinion Analytics Data as of Nov 2023

  • The Double 11 Surprise Night is one of the biggest promotions, with exclusive live-streaming offers and stars’ performances.

  • Audiences are more interested in Skincare and Makeup Products during the Double 11. E.g. Body Lotion, Face Mask, Serum, Face Powder.


Source: iFans Public Opinion Analytics Data as of Nov 2023

  • Audiences are interested in the latest Douyin viral content on Entertainment, Lifestyle and Parenting.


Source: iFans Public Opinion Analytics Data as of Nov 2023


Source: iFans Public Opinion Analytics Data as of Nov 2023


Source: iFans Public Opinion Analytics Data as of Nov 2023

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